Helping you as an individual and/or your service users


How to get onto the Low Cost Clinic scheme: 

You can refer yourself or a GP, Carer or Organisation can refer you. You will need to complete the referral form and send it back with your GP details or proof of carer status or illness. We will review, then call you to set your first appointment with the appropriate person as necessary. Not everyone may get on the scheme due to limited resources. Please note that we cannot continue your treatment if you fail to show up or pay as we may have other people waiting to take your place.




Who are these schemes for:

Adults, children or young people who are Carers or Cared for. Also we see adults like those suffering from long term conditions such as lupus; recovering from a stroke or cancer; MS; ME; fibromyalgia; severe back pain and such other conditions. We see children a(with their parent/guardian), for example with autism, cerebral palsy or spina bifida. We also see people who need help in managing stress, anger or have significant life or career choices to make. We have also extended these services to those who are over 70 years old.


T4H LCC - Low Cost Clinic

T4H Low Cost Clinic runs in a treatment room at its Head Office in 120 Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, Lewisham, London. SE23 1BX so all treatments take place here (unless there are situations where the client cannot get out, we have done home visits - see FAQ under Contact Us).


Therapies can include:

Massage / Body Stretch or Reflexology or Coaching / Mentoring

Days: Monday to Thursday (subject to availability)

Times:  10.30am to 2.30pm


Adult price - £35 per session/one hour or £20 for 30 mins

Child price - £30 per session/50mins

NB. See FAQ under contact us re: wheelchair users for possible additional fee 


What do I do next?  Complete and send back a referral  form as stated above 

Referral form - Adult

Referral form - Child



T4HCP - Counselling Service

T4H Counselling Placement service is now working in partnership with Poplar Harca and the MindBody Therapy Centre, to extend our placement service for trainee counsellors and psychotherapists. All trainees are supervised. Counsellors, read more below.


Where is it available at the moment? 

Tower Hamlets borough

Aberfeldy Centre, Aberfeldy Street, E14 0NU

Teviot Centre, Wyvis Street, E14 6QD

Burcham St Centre, 96 Burcham Street, E14 0SH


Lewisham borough

MindBody Therapy Centre, 120 Stanstead Rd, Forest Hill, London. SE23 1 BX  


How does it work?

We offer free or low cost long term counselling for up to two years. The service will offer weekly one hour sessions, working from either centre, subject to time and availability. You will need to be available at the same time each week and committed to the service as there may be a list of people trying to get onto the service, so you may lose your place if you do not show up or consistently cancel.



What do I do next for more information or to apply or refer?

Please contact either of the following:


Jayne Clavering - Tel: 020 3069 7401 (Tues 9-4:Wed 1-8.30)


LEWISHAM: Send a completed referral form to head office on or pop it in or post it to T4H Head Office, 120 Stanstead Rd, London. SE23 1BX. 


All enquiries will be dealt with in confidence. 


Further information:

How can Massage / Body Stretch help?

Massage can help when muscles are stressed, they can block oxygen and nutrients. This can lead to inflammation, which in turn builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. It can help to loosen muscle tissue, releasing toxins from muscles, ensuring that blood and oxygen circulate efficiently throughout your body.

Massage with body stretch has been particularly beneficial to children with cerebral palsy. It is the process of gradually applying gentle force to lengthen and lubricate muscles and joints. It is a way to show you love your body because it requires complete focus on yourself. Stretching has both neurological and mechanical effects on muscles and connective tissue. A stretch needs to be held long enough for muscles to relax so that they can be passively lengthened. As you hold a stretch, consciously relax the tight muscle and feel the myofascial tissues around it elongate. Once the muscle fully relaxes, the connective tissues can begin to stretch.

This treatment involves passive stretching. Passive is when someone else moves your muscle and when matched with massage can improve the benefits of stretching threefold:

  • Can achieve a greater muscle stretch
  • Control of stretch intensity
  • Can increase relaxation during stretch by reducing muscle and joint tension thus helping you achieve a better range of movement
  • Stretch, strengthen and stabilise muscles and joints; helping you to feel better thus aid natural recovery



Reflexology - What is it?

Reflexology is a pressure therapy given on the feet(or hands), where all the structures and organs of the body are reflected in miniature. For example touching one part of the foot or toe corresponds to different parts of your body's organs, systems & structures. In a one hour treatment all these points are pressed for a full routine on each foot.

When you are under stress, tensions build up in the body which can cause muscular pains, headaches, digestive issues and many other symptoms. Reflexology can help the body relax in order to release tensions held in muscles, organs and glands. This in turn helps to bring about balance to your mind and body.

Benefits include:

  • Can reduce stress, encourage deep relaxation, enhance energy and the immune system
  • Can improve circulation and relieve water retention
  • Helps restful sleep and can relieve anxiety & depression
  • Helps eliminate waste products like toxins from the body
  • Can help to reduce pain, such as arthritis and endocrine related conditions such as PMT




Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching is the method of guiding a person from where they are, to where they want to be. You've probably heard of coaching in sport, and you may have heard of coaching in business; family coaching follows the same basic concepts. Coaching offers a practical solution to often very personal problems. Coaching can be done with any individual or family.

Conflict within the family home can be so much more damaging and distressing than conflict at work. When we choose to start a family, we usually do so out of love. Although those initial feelings can be stifled or forgotten over time by the trials and tribulations of life - they never truly go away, and work can be done to reclaim them. During a family session the coach will talk to members of a family to find out where the problems are and what changes can be made to reach a happy medium.

Mentoring offers more guidance and direction. 



What is Counselling and how can it help me?

Counselling offers a safe space to explore difficulties that may be arising in a person's life, explored through the personal and trusting relationship between counsellor and client. Counsellors can assist with a range of issues including depression; self-esteem; bereavement; panic attacks; family & relationship concerns; career or life choices and questions on meaning of life or spirituality.



Counselling and Psychotherapy Placement Service

T4H coordinates a Counselling Placement Service and currently operates its counselling services in partnership with the MindBody Therapy Centre in Lewisham and Poplar Harca in Tower Hamlets.

We offer clinical placements for trainees on accepted training courses, providing both a low cost and a free counselling service for the community at large. We select suitably qualified, talented counsellors and psychotherapists to help us create a safe therapeutic environment and we take the welfare of our clients very seriously. Similarly to all the services we fund, those hoping to access the service will need to be on benefits or a low income ore referred from a partner organisation.

A course of counselling enables a client to focus on the psychological impact that their experiences may be having on them. The therapist and the client will build up a personal and trusting relationship with one-another, and during this process, the mental health and sense of well-being of the client may be vastly improved.


Note to trainees: Although we do have qualified counsellors in the service, it is not guaranteed that there will be places available when you qualify. As such the placement must be seen specifically as a training placement.


For more details about the placement service, please contact:

Eliette Lozeil (Poplar Harca Placement Co-ordinator) at (Tues 11-1; 2-5)


Our placement handbook is available by contacting