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Healthy Living Activities for Over 55's projects

All throughout 2016 to 2017, we have continued to work in partnership with housing organisations to deliver therapies across more than 7 boroughs and 30 elderly homes, such as massage, reflexology as well as group activities such as, relaxation We also added beauty & arts and craft activities as part of mental health and well being with many producing art they never thought they could, as well as making friends with neighbours along the way.

T4H @ Peoples Day

We had another fantastic time at the massive Lewisham Peoples Day event in July! We bumped into many  friends and partner organisations in Mountsfield Park, alongside people who have used our services in the past.

Depaul Charity - Relaxation point

We offered head, neck, back and shoulders massage at DePaul Charity BBQ family event. Everyone enjoyed having their treatments!

Stress Management workshop

This was a great 3/4 day workshop to give tools and techniques to parent carers on how to manage daily stress in a better way. For some it was a reminder to fit in some 'me' time, for others it was a great way to share and realise that they are not alone and not the only ones going through the same feelings such as anger and guilt.

Workshop snippet:

At this workshop we will come up with more ways to deal with it, cope or manage, in order for you not to end up ‘stressed’ all the time. We can also look at how to manage your time and how to fit in daily moments of relaxation to rebalance your day.


This workshop is meant to be interactive, meaningful and practical for all attendees, learning more about themselves and how to manage stress in their lives.



Healthy Living for Over 55's projects

We continue to roll out our project to help immobilise, decrease isolation and help the elderly manage aches & pains with various well being activities & therapies.

I Can Do IT - Empowerment talk

We had a great time with a group of young people, getting them off their seats and out of their 'comfort zones' to help open them up, lose inhibitions and express themselves. It was a great session with lots of talks and activities around personal barriers such self-esteem, confidence pushing past bad experiences in order to pursue your dreams also release negative and limited mind-sets.

Family Coaching sessions

We had some families who were referred to us to help improve their relationship, especially with their teenage children. These were mostly Young Carers who had extra pressures on their time and energy and found it hard to express their own needs to their parent/s. We helped them to communicate with each other and draw up realistic expectations and agreements.

NB. Family coaching sessions are designed to provide families with the tools and techniques to resolve conflicts, reach compromises and hopefully transform a difficult living situation into a comfortable one.

Parenting Classes at School

We ran a range of workshops for parents as part of a community project. These included Parenting skills; Stress/Anger Management; Relaxation techniques and Money Management. Great feedback as more of them acknowledged that they were now not afraid to look at how they spent money.  They also learnt how to manage it by having a budget and using their bank accounts & standing orders better to help them save regularly.

T4H has a chat with Mens Carers @ Carers Lewisham

We've done a variety of work with Carers Lewisham over the last five years, the latest being organising for a therapist to go in and have a chat with the Men's Carers group. We think they really appreciated the therapist being male and talked about the power of scent; relaxation; how to distress and how to cope with their caring situation.

"many thanks for your time yesterday, was enjoyed so respectively, it was so well presented from your Representative, a lot of the carers got a lot of understanding how to promote health and well being in life ,I liked the aroma therapy used ,and how individual lifestyle life can help us...... kind regards john"

T4H helps Housing residents 'Get Fit, Get Healthy'

T4H in partnership with a housing group helped to offer residents free classes and workshops, to help them get fit, healthy, unwind and relax, over several weeks in Lambeth. We went in and ran a combination of classes and workshops on stress management; mindfulness; tai chi; massage; yoga and nutrition.  

T4H helping bereaved families

T4H has continued to help community groups provide services to their beneficiaries. This year we helped Through Unity, a charity who helps bereaved families through their ordeal, emotionally, socially and through the court procedures. They frequently get together to support each other. On their last Family Day we organised for a therapist to go down and give them neck & back massage and reflexology for a bit of relaxation, pampering and to help relieve tension.







T4H finishes 'I Can' Help A Capital Child project

So much has been happening what with finishing the Help A Capital Child project in time to display some of their work as part of Cmas décor!

This work was completed in partnership with Family Action and MindBody Therapy, also getting referrals via Contact A Family.

"X really enjoyed the drama and the games and she was very happy to attend each week. She has tried to apply some of the relaxation exercises. We just felt that for real change the course would need to run for longer – at least a term."



T4H I Can - Nov'14


After School Sessions



The workshops are aimed at helping you to get more confidence, reduce anxiety and feel good about yourself with lots of opportunities for self expression, making friends and having fun. They will be held in a warm, safe and supportive atmosphere using a combination of fun activities, crafts, creativity, movement, relaxation, self massage and stretching techniques


Six Wednesdays after school

Dates: November 5th to December 10th

Time:  5pm – 6pm


Place: T4H, 120 Stanstead Road, SE23 1BX


Cost £5 a session


Attend all 6 and we’ll give you £10 back!!!!

  To book your place, return the completed referral form to T4H



Email:   phone: 020 8617 8820    Website:

The 'I Can' Project - HACC

After School Sessions

o   For young people in Lewisham aged 6-18

o   with special needs, physical or mental health conditions

o   young carers and siblings of disabled

o   children coping with transitions and challenging change


The ‘I Can Project’ will once again be running some exciting workshops for children providing a safe and supportive environment to explore topics including motivation, self esteem, communication, assertiveness, dealing with change, coping with health & disability issues and managing anxiety.  


The workshops will be aimed at children who are struggling with particular special needs, physical or mental health issues, or who are a sibling of a disabled child or a young carer. Using a combination of creative/imaginative play, crafts, drawing and written activities in a warm supportive atmosphere, we guarantee opportunities for learning, making friends and having fun. After School Sessions starting in September 2014 – dates and final venue to be confirmed



T4H ‘I Can Do It!’ children/youth projects 2013 – Coaching and Mentoring

T4H (Therapy 4 Healing) are already well on their way offering group and 1-2-1 sessions to various groups, schools and individuals and all the original group sessions have now been taken. We are however, extending the ‘I Can Do It!’ project to include special needs and/or young carers or disadvantaged teenagers up to 18 years old, for eight coaching/mentoring 1-2-1 sessions. These are funded, so can be given free to centres/participants.


If you have or know any young people who need direction, focus, help with career choices, help to get into education or work, then please refer them.

All sessions will be run by a qualified personal life coach whose main aim will be to increase the confidence, self esteem and overall well being of each individual. Those over 16 can be seen by themselves, those under 16 need to have their parent/guardian permission per the referral form. The sessions can take place individually in Forest Hill or within your centres (the aim would be to schedule at least two or three 1-2-1’s in each visit to your centre). Alternatively if you would like eight group sessions for a number of young people, we could also arrange this but with a maximum of five per session so each individual can receive adequate attention and feedback (ideally the same five should attend each session).


An individual referral form is attached, in the first instance, or contact us to discuss how this could fit within your current program.


NB. We also work in collaboration with many organisations so if you believe we could work in partnership with you, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

1-2-1 referrals Children & YP

T4H have again opened its doors to the successful I Can project spin off ‘I Can Do It!’ and we are now accepting children aged 6-18yrs for the 1-2-1 sessions.

·      Children – ‘special needs’ eg. on autistic spectrum; cerebral palsy; spina bifida

·         Children and teens – ‘disadvantaged’ eg. Excluded; bullied; post counselling; from care or carers; jobless

·         Eight sessions per child – only £5 per session – weekly or bi-weekly

·         Held in Lewisham borough (though some home visits may be available for particular needs)

·         Parents/guardians must accompany and stay with all under 16’s

Sessions available at the moment:


·         massage; muscle/body stretch; relaxation techniques; anger management

·         reflexology (eg. dealing with stress; headaches; sleeping issues)

·         life coaching; mentor; goal setting; careers advice; money mgt; job skills (teens)


All facilitators / therapists are Enhanced CRB/DBS checked. Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policy in place.


For all interested parties, the referral form on the Contact Us page must be completed in the first instance and sent back to the head office email for approval.

Group sessions available for your beneficiaries

T4H (Therapy 4 Healing) are continuing their I Can project ‘I Can Do It!’ into 2013. This part of the project will offer special needs children and/or children or young people experiencing poverty and disadvantage/carers/excluded, aged 6 – 18, over a series of two hour GROUP sessions.


The group sessions will be funded via T4H, so can be delivered free to your groups. Depending on the needs of the group, the numbers could be limited to 10 and parents/guardians/group volunteers could be asked to stay in the group session for children with particular needs.


We are talking to interested parties, so if you are interested in us coming in to run group sessions with your groups, please contact us at head office – see the website for more information.


The group will be encouraged to share their needs regarding their day to day life and the issues they face with their long term conditions; lifestyles and each session could consist of areas such as; talking through breathing techniques; managing anger; stress relief; stretch and movement to music as well as art therapy and yoga. Also, especially for teenagers and young mums we offer mentoring; coaching; job/life skills; goal setting; careers advice; money management. They will be encouraged to share; enjoy and contribute during the group sessions.


T4H has already worked with SIGNAL Family Support (SIGNAL FS) which is a voluntary parent support group, based in Lewisham, set up in 1993 by parents of children who have autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or other autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Many of the children in the first I Can sessions came from this group and found it hard to communicate and express themselves. T4H also received referrals from Contact a Family (parent carers group), Boccia Group (children with spinal disabilities) who we gave some group workshops to, (who met once a week after school) and also Brent Knoll School, one of the special needs schools in the South East. T4H has also designed the two hour sessions to fit the particular needs of the group e.g. 1 hour yoga and 1 hour goal setting for young mums.


NB. Some of the children and young people could then be referred on to have 1-2-1 sessions.

Help a Capital Child 'I Can' project 2012

This was a program including musical expression; craft work; relaxation; animation plus more. A chance to enjoy and achieve, meet others dealing with similar issues, increase confidence and have some fun.

I CAN Autumn 2012 @ Woodpecker Youth club, Lewisham

I CAN Summer 2012: Stephen Lawrence Centre, 39 Brookmill Rd, Deptford SE8 4HU

We offered after school sessions 4.30pm-6.30pm; Mondays and Wednesdays







Step Up - Mental Mens Health Project

TheT4H Step Up project was funded by the Big Lottery and was working in conjunction with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to work with men aged up to 45 who live in Lewisham. This was available to men who would like to develop new networks, increase skills and confidence to enter training and employment. After the set group education and skills training sessions there were 1-2-1 follow up sessions and a one off event working in partnership with LQ Foundation and Millwall Football Club to round off the project.














Summer 2011 'I Can' NHS Choose Health program

Exploring Health, Well Being and Self Expression

I CAN Choose Health project - was working in partnership with NHS Lewisham to enhance health and awareness amongst young people, particularly in the New Cross and Evelyn wards.

@ Woodpecker Youth Centre, Woodpecker Road, New Cross SE14 6EU

Some feedback & pictures of sessions

'I enjoyed it because I learnt how to do mosaicing and I have learnt something new'

'It was fun and I got to be creative'

'Making your own things...mood board session...helping and was fun [with] free food'










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